Intensive Driving Courses are the most efficient, fastest and most successful method of learning to drive, questions is which one would suite you as every pupil is different.

The National pass rate for learners is approximatley 43% as to intensive courses  is 74%

Why they work?

The main simple reason intensive driving courses work is you are compressing driving lessons from months and months into possibly weeks.If you drive consistantly on a regular basis instead of the one lesson a week routine you spend much less time trying to remeber what you did on your last lesson.


According to the Government statistics it can take on average 45 to 55 hours plus extra 22 driving from outside members e.g. family, friends, partners etc to be able to drive independantley ...   This can be reduced depending on many different factors!!              

For instance if you have one lesson of 1hr a week it will take between 45 and 55 weeks! Approximately one year! "Yes thats a year" "ONE YEAR" to learn to drive. Now if that is a 2hr lesson it could take half that time, now does that sound more realistic? Six months or even less?

Now take it even further, what if you did two 2hr lessons per week you will drastically reduce the amount of time to get to test standard according to those statistics.

Proven statistics say the more you train to do a skill the faster you will improve your ability to achieve your goal.

Firstly we all know that people learn at different rates but dont forget the other factor this is very important which is age yes age as it takes longe the older you are so the figures shown are just a guides. Now because of time and more importantley cost, the best possible plan is to have all the expense up front before you start so here are some figures and my plan!

If you take in account and calculate the figures then you will see that 45hrs or  55hrs comes to £990.00 / £1210.00 covering there week totals, So the calculation is there, at least two 2hr lesssons per week could take half that to be independant...

These are just illistrations of time and cost of course!

Call us and we can give you details of courses and see what course will fit around your time!                                                                                                              

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