Simon Goslin

I went with Delboys Driving School, yeh it wasnt my first choice but im sure glad i did now as i passed on 20 may 2013 first time with 2 minors on a intense one happy guy

Sasha Southgate
Lara from Jesmond
jack parker

I came back from 6 months in Australia, in just 30 hrs I passed my test 1st time, I didn't believe it was possible but I had the best man for the job....

Claire Shorter
I've been doing lessons with another school and after tow failed attempts I decided to change instructor. Best thing. Ever done! It was tough at first but I was shown different techniques to help get my head around things, my advice for anyone would be to stick at it and pass likes did...
Sean Barnes

Had to pass 1st time by a set date because of a new job. Had a couple of lessons previous but the instructor didnt tailor lessons to my needs and ability so i changed schools and now i have passed and can drive to my new job.

Sammy-jo of Wideopen

i was driving with another driving school who turned out to be a waste of time and money until a friend advised me on this school and look ive passed! All i could say is dont believe a word you hear about the so called biggest schools as they dont care about you they just want the money....

Cali Beth of Walker

I never thought i would pass 1st time but its possible for everybody..

Samantha La Roche

Thank you for all your help with giving me confidence to pass, its been a long hard road for me

but i couldnt have done it without your support and kindness......

Graeme Hunt of Walker

Booked a intensive course which was for 4wks but cause of commitments took 8wks still passed 1st time wow....would advise anyone to plan ahead....

Ryan Clark of Forest Hall

Ive passed and as they say its not as hard as it sounds

Decklan Rumley of Throckley

 Dec passed with 2 faults 1st time


Martin Ramsay of Longbenton
Martin Ramsay of Longbenton

Thanks to Joe and his amazing teaching and great patience i was able to

pass my test 1st time,it was a great feeling that brought  confidence when

doing my test .


Adam Mahdoul of Wallsend

1st time what can i say.......

Donna from Denton Burn
Donna Greene of Denton Burn

Never thought it would come but i did it and thank you joe

Shaun from Newbiggin Hall
Shaun Ruddy of Newbiggin Hall

Shaun didnt leave a comment but even though he didnt pass 1st time showed dedication through some hadr times.

Lew from Westerhope
Lewis Howlett of South West Denton

Wanna Pass then forget all the the sales pitch from other schools and try this place,

not everyone can do it but i did it in 38hrs first time

Jon Innes
jon innes of Walker

Five tests!

Two schools!

Still no pass!

Its your test!

Make the change!

I did!

Denise Slasor
Denise Slasor of Walker

I was one of those who kept on making excuses and putting off learning to drive. When i heard all those bad stories about other driving schools , i wonder if i would find a school who would help me to pass and i did all and the first time!

Scott Bird of Walker

What an amazing experience, Joe didnt give up on me even when it got tough!

Carlos Vercesi from Brazil 17 Feb 11

Thank You for giving me the confidence needed to pass my test, i know you were my new instructor but im am so pleased for this and i now get the result. A "STRONG HUG" from your Brazilian "AMIGO" Eduardo! 

Louise Melling
Louise Melling of Fawdon

Thanks for all the help and support you gave gave me i could nt have done any of this without your help.

Ryan Carneghie
Ryan Carneghie of West Denton

Learning to drive with this school has taken me from a untamed speeding biker to a tamed fully qualified driver at my 1st attempt and had great fun getting there.Booked and passed in Gateshead with only ten days training superb.

Gareth Mirley
Gareth Mirley of Walker

I passed 2nd attempt, Joe is the man! He's relaxed and a laugh and he also knows everything!

Not my words but Gareths and ive never met a cooler guy!

New picture added of me and Gareths brother Jonno who passed today 22/6/2010

scroll over picture

Jonathan Mirley
jonathan Mirley of Walker

"Delboy's Driving School is an amazing School to go to for driving lessons! They have amazing tolerance and are patient for every single student, and there is only one thing they aim for, which is for you to pass 1st time! Which I did thanks to Joe from Delboy's Driving School!"

Laura Mulroy
Laura Mulroy of Walkergate,Newcastle

Thank you very much, it felt very strange driving on my own for the first time.

I could not believe i passed!, not a single fault!

Laura Hartshorne
Laura Hartshorne of Sandyford

wow all my friends say you never pass 1st time, well here i am passed, and i only got 4 faults.

Joe was patient and his style of teaching really helped me to understand and learn. 

Laura Southgate
Laura Southgate of Howdon

Thanks again for all the help,through a friend i changed my instructor and im glad i did as i passed 1st time with 5 minors

Kelly Robson
Kelly Robson of Newcastle

"I came to Joe after leaving my old instructor with no confidence, I never truly believed I'd ever be a driver but after 3 months with Joe I passed 1st time with just 3 minor faults. Joe is the most amazing instructor and made learning fun and relaxed. He went beyond the call of duty and I can't Thank him enough !"

Joe response: Its not just my teaching its also the hard work all the pupils put in.


Mel Wotherspoon
Mel Wotherspoon of Doncaster

"After a few lessons with Joe I asked when he thought I would be taking my driving test... to which he replied you will know when your ready. That is absolutely true!! Joe builds your confidence every step of the way insuring you feel comfortable with everything you do and learn. He's an amazing instructor, friendly and makes driving fun. The result of all this is I've just passed my driving test 1st time. Thanks Joe I couldn't of done it without you!!!! I'd recommend him to anyone."

Catherine Botto
Catherine Botto of Washington

Although i wasn't the easiest to teach joe stayed patient with me throughout and always believed in me,best thing i ever done was change my instructor.

Ryan Purvis
Ryan Purvis of Kingston Park

Have been taught good driving skills and with a lot of hard work we achieved the goal to pass my test on the 5 Nov 2010.

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